April 24, 2012

Tip Tuesday #1 {Foil Your Celery}

I decided to start a new series.  I give you...

...where I give a random tip of the week.  It might be about cooking or baking or grocery shopping or storing food--you get the idea.  So I'm starting this week off with a tip that I learned from the good old family cookbook.

Today's tip: foil your celery.

That's right, by simply wrapping your celery in aluminum foil, it will stay crisp and fresh for a few weeks--rather than getting limp and disgusting after a few days.  Shout hooray!  Now you don't have to feel guilty for buying a whole thing of celery when you only know what you'll do with one stalk.  Why?  Because it will still be good a couple of weeks later when you pull out another recipe calling for celery, which means...no more rotten celery!  And that's something to cheer about.


  1. wow, so simple and useful!!thanks for this tip!

  2. One tip I found that has been WAY helpful is to keep lettuce fresh for a long time. We take the lettuce (still on the head) and wash it, and then wrap it in paper towels (you want the paper towels to be damp). Then put it in a gallon size ziploc bag or even a grocery bag tied tight, and it stays fresh for weeks. It's seriously awesome.


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