Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday is where I share a little tip I've learned about food prep, cooking, storage, clean-up...anything that makes it easier to have and make great food.  I'm always looking for new tips, so if you've got one, leave a comment, or shoot me an email at foodisablessing@gmail.com.  Happy cooking!

  1. {Foil Your Celery}
  2. {Wash the Dough Bowl with Cold Water}
  3. {Spray Your Cupcake Liners}
  4. {What to Do When You Forgot the Yeast}
  5. {Bake Your Hard-Boiled Eggs}
  6. {Re-Steam Your Leftover Rice}
  7. {Freeze Your Fresh Herbs}
  8. {Microwave Your Corn, Husk & All}
  9. {Eggs: Scramble Fast, Cook Slowly}
  10. {Too Much Salt? Add a Potato}
  11. {Measure Out Honey & Oil Together}
  12. {Soggy Breading? Use a Cooling Rack in the Oven}
  13. {Crack Your Eggs on a Flat Surface}

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