February 24, 2011

Why I started this blog

Welcome to my new recipe blog.  I've been wanting a way to keep track of my best recipes (without stacks of index cards) and share them with others.  I love trying out new recipes and increasing my knowledge about cooking and baking.  I used to be scared of cooking--and I had a particularly large fear of yeast--but in the last year or two I decided to conquer my fear.  And it turns out that I'm not a bad cook after all.  I can cook! And so can you.  All it takes is a little courage, a few inexpensive ingredients, and a bit of creativity.  So give some of these recipes a shot and let me know when one works out for you. 


  1. Hi Emily ~ What a neat idea! I want to try all your recipes! They look really good. Thanx for sharing! Love you!!

  2. This blog is great! You are an awesome cook. Thanks for sharing with us!


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