July 17, 2012

Tip Tuesday #9 {Eggs: Scramble Fast, Cook Slowly}

There is an awesome web site out there called The Art of Manliness.  Just check it out and you'll see what I mean.  It's a site dedicated to everything manly and how to be an honorable, resourceful, boy-scout-values kind of a man--you know, a real man.  And there's one post about how to make amazing scrambled eggs.  My husband and I tried out the low and slow method, and they truly were amazing.

Image thanks to Art of Manliness
This method takes what seems like forever.  Be ye warned.  BUT...if you really want to make your breakfast special, it's worth the effort every once in a while.  You can refer to the original post for more details, but here are the two main takeaways:

1. Whip 'em.  Whip 'em good.  Whip them with a whisk or a mixer until they're nice and frothy on top.  A few bubbles isn't going to cut it.  You shouldn't be able to tell a difference between the yolks and the whites because they should all be evenly mixed.

2. Cook them slowly over LOW heat.  Low as in, like almost as low as your stove goes.  Okay, okay, if they are truly taking forever to cook, you can turn up the heat a teensy bit.  But seriously, the more slowly you cook them, the more they will retain all that fluffy air that you whipped in, resulting in gloriously fluffy scrambled eggs.

One more thing...my inner nerd requires me to apologize for the title of this post.  I am well aware that it should be "Scramble Quickly" instead of "Scramble Fast," but seriously, quickly just doesn't feel quick enough!  Okay, I digress.  

Happy cooking!

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