August 7, 2012

Tip Tuesday #10 {Too Much Salt? Add a Potato}

Did you know that if you add too much salt to something you can just add a whole uncooked potato?  The potato will absorb excess salt without adding a weird flavor.  When you're ready to serve it, just remove the potato and go.  This works particularly well with soups.  Cool, huh?

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But for other things that aren't as easy to add a potato to, say cookie dough or something, you can actually slice a raw potato very thinly and lay the slices over/among the cookie dough and let it sit for 15 minutes or so.  It may not get all the extra salt, but it should pick up some of it.  Discard your salty potato slices and bake those cookies.  Super cool.

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  1. you are my hero. i have always wondered if there was a solution to that.


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