August 21, 2012

Tip Tuesday #12 {Soggy Breading? Use a Cooling Rack in the Oven}

Sometimes when you fry breaded chicken, do you find that there's not room enough in the pan for all the chicken at once?  Then do you set the cooked chicken on a plate while you fry the rest, only to find that the chicken on the bottom of the pile is soggy and cold by the time you actually sit down to eat?

Worry no more, my friends.  Just set your oven to the warm setting, and place a baking sheet with cooling rack on it inside the oven.  When you place the breaded chicken on the cooling rack, it leaves room for the warm air to circulate underneath, keeping your breading crisp and your chicken warm.  

And if your breaded chicken is being baked in the first place, rather than fried, you can bake it on the cooling rack to begin with.  That way the whole thing will get crispy and delicious.  Easy peasy.  

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